The main aims of the association shall be: To foster the bond of friendship, promote cordial relationship and enhance unity among Nigerian Army Officers Wives, undertake activities in health, environment, tourism, family planning, reproductive health, education, poverty alleviation, human rights, women rights and child rights. To undertake support and subsidize measures, programmed, plans and schemes for barracks uplift socio-economic welfare and modernization of Nigerian Army barracks especially in health and education, as well as strengthening women participation in developmental activities in Nigerian Army barracks and the public.

Other aims of the association incluses: To address poverty through education and skills training and with special focus on vulnerable and marginalized group like women and children. To act as consultants and advisors in health, education, poverty alleviation, human rights, women rights, (including but not restricted to gender equality, domestic violence, empowerment of women etc), child rights (child labour, child sexual abuse etc), environment, family planning, reproductive health, mother and child health care, income generation, vocational training etc, refugees, displaced persons, children in jails and other allied activities. To accept grants from any government or agencies or authorities, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons, money, moveable and immovable property donations, gifts subscription devices, bequests and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the trust and in receiving any gift or property to take same either unconditionally or subject to any special condition which may be prescribed by the donor in writing.

The associations basic objectives are: To invest funds or expenditure in such manner as shall promote the attainment of the aims and objectives of NAOWA. To provide education of the highest possible academic standard and internationally recognized professional excellence in various fields of science and technology. To promote, organize, establish, finance, administer, manage and maintain technical/professional colleges, universities, research laboratories, libraries and institutions of learning for imparting knowledge and for undertaking studies and research for the advancement of science and technology. To publish newspaper, magazine, journals and other publications for instructions and imparting useful knowledge. To undertake self-help projects, social welfare programmes and vocational training. To care for the members of the association in time of need. To organize and assist baby welfare clinic as well as family planning clinics.

Among the objectives are: To supplement Army welfare programmes for its troops and their family in any way possible. To carry out philanthropic and social activities such as visits to motherless babies homes, the handicapped, the disabled home and SOS villages. To broaden the knowledge and outlook of members by organizing and participating in seminars/workshop, symposia and tours both within and outside Nigeria. To organize games and sporting events for the physical and mental well-being of members. To organize social activities on National festive days for families as may be determined from time to time by the association. To liaise and cooperate with other bodies both locally and internationally in pursuance of the Association’s aims and objectives. To conform with the aims and objectives as enshrined in both Domestic Laws and International Conventions on the rights of women, children and young persons. To constantly enlighten its members on the Nigerian Army norms and etiquette, while upholding their observance at all times. To establish and administer Model Nursery and Primary Schools for the benefit of the Nigerian Army personnel and the general public. To conduct the Association’s business in a manner that makes positive contribution to the image of the Nigerian Army.



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